2 Shawls

Weaving – Black Ice Shawl

“I went to the reception and opening of a show at the Hera Gallery. I was kind of pleased, because it’s an “art” gallery, and they invited me, a humble weaver, to put my stuff in.

I have two shawls there: “Black Ice”, woven with space-dyed black-gray-white silk warp and black wool weft, with some silver shot through and rock crystal beads in the fringes. The weave is “ice crystals” by Doramay Keasbey in Weaver’s. Somebody bought it that very evening! The other shawl is: “Northern Lights,” painted warp in cotton, rayon & silk, with 20/2 cotton weft. Weave: reversing twill. Also beads in fringe, glass and gold metal. Then there is one of my decorative runners (had it here in S&T a long time ago) with tassels at each end. Also, a couple of hanging ornaments: cotton, silver metallic thread and silver beads, inkle woven, sewn into tetrahedrons and stuffed w. polyfill. “


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