Lucet Braiding

Lucet Braiding
Lucet Braiding

During a Renaissance Festival that I attended, Celeste Colbourne of Spinsters Loft, gave a demonstration of using a Lucet to make braiding. The Lucet creates a flat braid that can be used to embellish the edges of a handwoven article.

Begin by threading the yarn through the hole in the bottom of the Lucet
Make a figure 8 loop around the 2 prongs of the lucet
loop the yarn a second time around the right prong and turn the lucet around

Lift the bottom loop over the top loop
Slip the looped yarn over the prong
Give a tug on the bottom of the yarn to tighten the knot into place

Wrap the yarn around the other side of the lucet prong
Lift the bottom loop over the top loop and over the prong
Give a tug on the bottom yarn to pull the yarn into place
Repeat this procedure until the cord is of sufficient length

Lucet Braiding with Two Colours – You Tube

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