Tablet Woven Band – No. 74

Tablet Woven Band
Tablet Woven Band

This is my second tablet woven belt. Instead of using wooden cards, I wove this belt with the Lacis brand of plastic cards. I found these slightly easier to handle because they are thinner than the wooden ones, so fit in the palm of my hand better.

I used Finnish cotton yarn for the warp and weft (6 ply Kalalanka) in light green and yellow.
No Ends: 40
No Cards: 10
Warp: 6 ply Kalalanka cotton, 4 yard length
Yellow: 20 ends
Green: 20 ends
Weft: Yellow 6 ply KalaLanka cotton.

Tablet Band 74
Tablet Band 74
Tablet Woven Band 74
Tablet Woven Band 74

Paivatar Tablet Weaving Cards

Paivatar Tablet Weaving Cards
Paivatar Tablet Weaving Cards

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Tablet Weaving
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