Poppana Weaving

During a trip to Ontario, I had the opportunity to view some wonderful examples of Finnish textiles. Here are some photos of them.

This post has been updated and can be found here: Poppana Weaving

18″ x 40″
Warp: Cotton
Sett: 12 epi
Weft: Poppana yarn
18 ppi

Poppana “yarn” is made from pre-woven strips cut on the bias. The fuzzy edges of the cloth strips are used as part of the design element, creating a chenille type of effect to the weft. Poppana is a traditional Finnish weaving technique and can be used for making table linens, clothing or other unique fabrics.

Poppana can be ordered premade or you can also make your own with either recycled or new cloth (cottons, silks or wools) Cut fabric, such as sheet material, on the bias, into
1/4″ – 1/2″ narrow strips. It is used as weft and can be woven in tabby or twill treadlings.

Poppana yarn is generally sold on small disks that can be inserted into a special poppana shuttle for easy weaving. If you don’t have such a shuttle, you can wind the poppana yarn onto a rug shuttle instead.


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