Finnish Lace Throw

Finnish Lace Cotton Throw

Woven Finnish Lace Block Throw Pattern
This throw uses Foxfibre naturally coloured cotton and is woven in a 2 sizes of lace blocks. By changing the number of blocks and their arrangement, this design can be easily adapted to another size of throw, or sett that is more suitable to the yarn that you have on hand.

Warp: 7/2 Foxfibre Cotton – Coyote
Weft: 10/2 Foxfibre Cotton – Light Green
Warp: 7/2 Foxfibre cotton, 2940 ypp
Weft: 7/2 Foxfibre cotton
No. Ends: 672
Length: 3 yards
Sett: 16 epi
Ppi: 16

The lace blocks are arranged as shown in the diagram, with 24 ends of tabby between each block and on each border.

  • Border: Tabby – 24 ends
  • Double Block – 102 ends
  • Tabby – 24 ends
  • Single Block – 60 ends
  • Tabby – 24 ends
  • Double Block – 102 ends
  • Tabby – 24 ends
  • Double Block – 102 ends
  • Tabby – 24 ends
  • Single Block – 60 ends
  • Double Block – 102 ends
  • Tabby – 24 ends
  • Total Ends = 672
Finnish Lace Blocks

24 rows of tabby are woven between each lace block, and the treadle sequence is repeated 9 times, for the length of the throw.

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Finn Lace Draft

Adapted from a design by Anna Henricksson # 232, p.97
A Handweavers Pattern Book, Marguerite Porter Davison
Swarthmore, PA, 1944

The edges are finished with a Ladder Hemstitch.

Finnish Lace Cotton Throw

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