Spindle Spinspirations

Spindle Spun Hat
Spindle Spun Hat

I had the pleasure of visiting with one of our Chat and Forum members. Kat Walton is an accomplished spindle spinner and here are some projects that she has spun and knit. These have all been hand spun, on a Turkish drop spindle. Proof that you don’t need expensive equipment to make fabulous things. Kat also demonstrated how she spins on her drop spindle.

The shawl was spun using a drop spindle, and dyed with natural dyes.
The pillow cover is a blend of wool and llama, spun using a drop spindle, and dyed with natural dyes.
The knitted hat is made of spindle spun yarn
The knitted vest has been spindle spun from dog hair. It is delightfully soft and warm, similar in texture to angora rabbit wool. The colour shading is natural.

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